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About Us

Chiara Cocchiara

Program Director
Over ten years of experience in the Space Sector, in particular in the fields of Space Economy and Space Operations.

Adrián Sáez

Program Director
Over twelve years of experience in the fields of Finance, Management and Controlling for different sectors.

Rosario Cocchiara

Medical Doctor, performs research projects and specializes in the administration and implementation of future medical.

Space for Kids

The iSpace School program is a online space education interdisciplinary program for kids, prepared together with professionals from Space industry, and Academia from different nationalities, Navigate 9 topics such as: Astronauts, Mars, Space Medicine, Earth, Satellites, Rockets, Space Tourist, and Life in Space.

This program offers the kids a comprehensive, informative and educational opportunity to learn from engineers, scientists, and leaders from the space industry. The online lessons are available in English with subtitles. Exercises, Quiz and Experiments help the students to learn space subjects developing passion, curiosity and knowledge.

Our goal is to inspire your child with Space and STEAM learning. Through our regular updated material we provide top quality education for your children.

“I was really impressed with the quality of education and so happy to see my daughter learning about life on Mars and develop new passions.”
Kim Smith
“This is by far the best educational project I´ve seen for my twins. It was amazing to watch them working on space experiments together.”
John Williams
“I did not expect to have such a quality time with my son. He was learning about Space and Astronauts and I joined him in this fascinating subject.”
Liz James